Sound and Color Light Therapy

Sound Therapy at Animals in Harmony

Sound Therapy – Every cell in an animal’s (and person’s) body responds to sound. The pure fifth interval is one of the most common and effective intervals used in sound healing. It interacts with the cranial sacral rhythm to help balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual system in the animal and can be directed into specific chakra energy centers to help strengthen the body. Tuning Forks assist with relaxation, pain relief, wound healing, and opening energy restrictions and blockages. Sound is directed to where there is an energetic imbalance to help bring back balance into the animal.

Tuning forks can be used for their sound and their vibration. Sound therapy is when the tuning forks are activated near the ears (off the body) and vibrational therapy is used when the tuning forks are placed gently on the body. Vibrational music CDs, created specifically for animals, also have a calming affect. This music can help animals in stressful situations like being home alone or frightened by thunderstorms.  It helps them to be more relaxed and to stay more balanced.

Color Therapy at Animals in Harmony

Color Light Therapy –  Chromatherapy or color harmonics is a gentle, non-invasive energy based therapy. The effect of color has been researched for centuries and has been shown to have a very positive effect on animals and people. Each color influences animals (and people) in a unique way by activating various acupuncture points, reflex zones, chakras (energy centers in the body) and the aura (energy field surrounding the body) of the animal. Each color has its’ own wavelength and frequency. Red, orange and yellow are energizing and blue, indigo, and violet are calming.

Color light therapy can be administered with the use of a Lumalight flashlight with various colored mineral lenses during a therapy session. Color Therapy Essences are also available, which is water infused with vibrational colors that are misted on the animal and/or in the animal’s environment. Rainbow Color Essence Spray incorporates the full spectrum of chakra colors to assist in calming and balancing the energy of the animal.